Don’t Let Bats Take Over Your Home
Call Us For Bat Removal

Did you know that bats can squeeze through gaps as small as ¼ of an inch? Keep them out of your attic by turning to NCS Wildlife Solutions for bat exclusion services. We’ll bat-proof your home by checking your roof for holes and sealing any gaps. After we’re done, you can rest easy knowing that your house is well protected from bats.

Contact us today to schedule bat exclusion services in Milford and Norwalk, CT or surrounding areas.

Attic Cleanout

We offer attic cleanout services to reverse the mess caused by bats and other critters. Once we have removed the uninvited guests, we can get your attic in top shape. Give us a call to learn more about our attic cleaning services.

Get Rid Of Uninvited Guests

You like having bats in the neighborhood because they eat annoying insect pests. But you don’t want to invite them to start a colony inside your house.

The knowledgeable team at NCS Wildlife Solutions recommends arranging for bat removal services to:

Protect your family from disease
Avoid structural damage
Prevent bat mite infestations
As soon as you see signs of a bat infestation, call us to schedule bat removal anywhere in the MIlford, CT area.