Mole Control

Moles are burrowing animals that cause extensive damage to lawns. They tunnel underground in search of food and damage your property in the process. Moles are territorial and can be very difficult to remove without professional help. NCS Wildlife Solutions is a local wildlife removal expert that specializes in trapping and removing moles from yards all across Fairfield and New Haven Counties.

There are two types of moles in Connecticut, the Eastern Mole and the Star-nosed Mole. Depending on which type of mole had invaded your lawn, we will tailor our trapping methods for the best results. We can use both above ground and below ground trapping methods depending on the type of mole and on our assessment of the infestation. Call NCS Wildlife Solutions today to speak to your local expert in mole trapping and removal!

Why are the moles attracted to my property?

Moles are constantly in search of food and prefer to eat earthworms and other insects. Your property likely contains a source of food for them. They enjoy moist, nutrient rich topsoil. If you have moles in your yard but your neighbor does not, it could be due to soil composition, especially if you have a new lawn. It could simply be an increase in population. Being territorial in nature, moles expand into new areas as their populations grow. Once they have established themselves in your yard, they will likely return next year. The sooner we remove them, the better off you will be!

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