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Wildlife Removal New Haven County

Call us for wildlife removal in New Haven County CT. This area is an ideal place to live. With beaches, shopping and culture for everyone to enjoy, not to mention the short commute to New York City. You don’t want to have your home overrun by pests and wildlife. Wild animal damage repair, exclusion and clean up are serious problems and you will need the help of experts to find the proper solutions . We specialize in trapping, animal capture, and removing critters from your home or commercial property. If you hear scratching in the walls or noises in the attic call immediately before your issue gets worse.

We have solutions for commercial and residential property. Everything we do at NCS Wildlife Solutions is done in a safe and humane manner. Experts can solve nuisance critter problems. Once all animals have been removed, there is usually a need for repairs and cleanup, we provide that as well.

Many residents of New Haven County commute to New York everyday for work and enjoy the peace of living in this beautiful county, don’t allow pests to take away the peace of mind that brought you outside the city into the home you love.

While there are many animals that can invade your space, whether it’s your business or your home, there are a few that are more common than others. Bats, birds, raccoons, moles, skunks and rats are fairly common. We can assist you with these and more. Call us at the first sign of trouble.

bat removal

Bats in the Attic

Having a few bats around your lights at night can be a good thing because they are eating the bugs that none of us want around. However, when they don’t leave there is a good chance that they are finding a way into your attic at night and they have more than likely brought friends. This is when the real problems begin. It will start with hearing noises at night and will end up causing a great amount of damage to your attic. The waste, or guano, they produce can contaminate your insulation, causing hazardous air problems for your family. Also, bats are known carriers of rabies so they are not creatures you want in your home.
Not only do the bats need to be removed from your property, you will also need to have a plan for exclusion. This is an important step to ensure the prevention of new ones entering the structure. Modifications will need to be made and clean up will need to be done. This may even involve replacing insulation. Calling us early on will help prevent this extreme damage.

Birds In Vents

New Haven County is home to an array of beautiful birds in the many parks and beaches within the county. While they are beautiful to watch, it is a whole other story when they are nesting in your attic or chimney. They are also commonly found in vents, signs and solar panels. Not only are they noisy but they can create a rather large mess if allowed to stay. We can help by moving the birds out of your home and installing deterrents and bird proofing solutions like spikes or netting. We offer solutions for both residential and commercial buildings and we are ready to help you stop these birds from nesting in your property.

Raccoons In Home

Have you ever heard noises outside of your home at night only to wake up to a mess by your trash cans in the morning? If so, you may have a raccoon problem. New Haven county is filled with residential areas where these animals can easily find food, and they will go after it. These masked creatures may look cute, but in reality they will dig through trash, dig up yards and destroy property to find food. They can find ways to get into your chimney, in your attic or onto your roof, tearing holes to get in. Raccoons will also build nests under your home or porch. They can leave a lot of costly damage behind. Raccoons are not animals you should approach or try to capture on your own. We are prepared to trap these nocturnal animals, and make sure they do not make your residence, their residence.

Odor Free Skunk Removal

Everyone can agree that skunks are unwanted guests! These animals are notorious for destroying beautiful lawns while digging for grubs. They can make a mess of your yard and the gardens you work so hard to make cultivate. You may also find them building nests under your deck or porch. Remember, when threatened, they can be very dangerous and their spray, smell and odor can be extremely strong! Do not attempt to handle this alone, let the professionals at NCS Wildlife Solutions humanely trap and remove them for you. We can also help with repair damage and deodorizing when necessary.

Rats In Home

Mice and rats are common pests. If you hear scratching noises in your attic or walls it may be a sign that you need help. Having a few can quickly turn into an infestation. These rodents reproduce quickly and often, sometimes producing more than 80 babies a year. This is a problem that can get out of control fast if you do not call us for help as soon as you discover them. Not only do these rodents carry diseases which are communicable to humans, they leave disgusting droppings in your home. Rats and mice also have a habit of chewing through electrical wires causing damage to your home leading to dangerous fires. We are experts in rodent extermination and control. It is vital that you call us to rid you of any rodent issues.

Mole Control

Moles can be a problem in any suburban area in New Haven County. These small animals live underground and like to come out in the spring and fall, usually in the morning. Otherwise you will probably not see them often, but you will definitely know they are there by the damage they are doing to your yard or garden. They will tunnel through the soil creating little volcano shaped mounds of soil. They eat the insects, earthworms and other grubs in the ground. We are only a phone call away and we are ready to rid your yard of these pests. Not only will we trap them but we will help you with options to prevent them from coming back. Do not allow these creatures to destroy the yard your children play in. We can help!