Protect Your Family From Disease Spread by Mice
Don’t Hesitate To Arrange For Rodent Removal In Milford, CT

No matter how much poison you put out to kill mice and rats, you can’t get rid of the problem. If there’s a rodent colony taking over your home, call on the professionals at NCS Wildlife Solutions. After years of providing rodent exclusion services to residents in the Norwalk and Milford, CT areas, we’ve learned the most effective ways to eliminate rodent colonies and prevent them from returning.

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Prioritize Your Family’s Health

You know that rodents spread all kinds of diseases to humans. To keep your family safe, turn to NCS Wildlife Solutions for rodent exclusion services.

We’ll rodent-proof your home so you won’t need to worry about exposure to diseases like:

  • Rabies
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Salmonellosis (food poisoning)

As soon as you hear the scampering of little feet, call us to arrange for your rodent removal in the MIlford, CT area.